I have been busy just not much I could blog about. 
We have been getting the garden spot ready. We will soon be having tasty radishes and lettuce
 from our garden.  I did some spring cleaning but I am no where finished. LOL
Do we ever really finish spring cleaning?

I have been working on a project that I can't talk about just yet....
The committee presents the outline this week...soooo.  If it gets approval I will have more to say. If not well then it does not matter any more LOL I will not be spending any more time on it.

I still have three classes to take for the day job. Sigh! Kind of boring to blog about online classes.
 So I probably won't.

Now to get going. I have a bunch to get done. LOL Imagine that! 

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Jean said...

I need to get into my small garden too...it's already full of weeds!