Nothing really blog worthy going on around here at the moment.

I have been busy working the day job. Yes I have done a little quilting but only a little.
I have piecing I need to do, I just have to find the time.
Humm That always seems to be the problem. LOL

Husband is fishing today..a tournament and he is fishing alone today.
I do not really like that but he promised to not fall out of the boat. !
I know... I know... He fishes by himself all the time but...
This time of year the water is still way to cold to be swimming in even by accident.

I know he will be just fine. Still I always tell him.

Catch fish... Do not fall out of the boat... and Do NOT toss your keys in the lake...

Ok I should explain..LOL When you are by yourself.. and at the end of the day.
Your truck and trailer is parked in the lot, and you are in the boat on the water.

Now you can tie your boat off at the dock and walk up the hill to retrieve the truck and trailer,
but that ties up the dock from others trying to get their boats loaded and out of the water.
 There is usually several boats...all waiting to get off the lake and weigh in their fish.

So if you are fishing with out a partner some one will  back your truck and trailer down
 to load the boat to help out.  The problem is..They are on dry land and you are in the water...

You have to TOSS them your keys !!!!

If the keys go into the lake...Well lets just say they are gone..LOL
I suppose you could hire a diver to attempt to retrieve them but !!! That really is not a option.

So you have to call some one ( ME ) to bring the spare keys..

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