This is what I have on my machine right now. 
I love this quilt. Such a lovely Fall quilt.
I have not actually started the quilting just yet, but I will soon.

It has been a busy week end.
The Little Guy was to be in the St Patrick Day Parade.
We could not miss that.. now could we.. No we could not.
It is a very small town with a very small parade. In fact there were hardly any spectaters.
Almost the entire town was in the parade. LOL
The parade might not make the tv news but it did bring out the grandma's

We did some yard work. There is always yard work this time of year.
I did a little piecing but, I will show you that in another post.
We also put a new top on my pressing / cutting table.
 The old one was saging in the middle.
Time for a new top.

What did you do this week end?

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Jean said...

Interesting quilt! Lots of different areas.How will you quilt it?