I have been busy..A little quilting.... A little gardening..... A little family time...... A little righting.... A little work on the fundraiser.....  A little of this and a little of that....LOL
No piecing tho... Sigh...I am as of today officially behind on my guild blocks.
 Life is like that sometimes.

I just love these little quilt's. I think they are some more community quilts for the guild. Still not sure where they will go tho.. I thought they were for our quilts of valor project but not sure.
 Either way they were fun to quilt.

Check back tomorrow to see what else I have been up to...
Right not I have to go slap on a second coat of paint where dad fixed the storm door. 
 Just a small part to paint because my door was smaller than the opening..
Takes longer to clean the brush that it does to do the painting..but it must be done. LOL

Till tomorrow........

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