OK I told you to check back...LOL

I have changed the paper around the sink area. It used to be a wood grain look...but it was not coming clean so I replaced it.
 Done !!
I am not sure this black and white print is the best look either...LOL but it does not show up where I had problems matching the seams..

We are working on replacing the old ugly chip board that was painted white I think.. LOL it was kind of hard to tell the color because it was so dirty and chewed up around the edges from a previous tenant's dog... or something... LOL I hope it was a dog !

Not done but well on its way to being done. It still needs the trim both top and bottom. I think it looks great with out the trim so I know it will be wonderful after the trim. 

We also installed a ceiling fan...no photos of that tho.

Dad is doing most of the work... I am the assistant in this job.. LOL

I go for more screws....a fresh battery for the cordless drill..I hold the boards in place..
 I steady the step stool...a very important job..

 Dad fell a week or so ago, missed a step getting off the step stool.
 ( he was really standing on a metal folding chair ) He doesn't know that I know that part.

I told him he needed to keep both feet on the ground from now on. 
 I bet you know how that is working out.... So now whenever dad uses the step stool mom and I both hold it down...  Like we could really do something if he miss steps again...
I guess we could soften his fall by throwing ourselves in his path on his way down..

The old metal folding chair has disappeared....and I am thinking of hiding the step ladder...

Dad also changed out the old door on the studio porch..with a storm door we had.
 Looks so much nicer. He had to close in the frame some because the storm door was smaller
 but it looks great.  I love it..

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Jean said...

That looks so nice! Amazing what a new wallboard will do. Take good care of that carpenter! Ariapin