This is one really unattractive photo..LOL
I actually took two days off together... No day job...No quilting..
.Just down time, well mostly.

I was in need of a hair cut so I did that yesterday and a little shopping.
 I must have done something else but honestly I don't know what.. Just piddling around I guess?
I know I pulled some old stuff out of the closet...Hummmm....and tossed it.
The important thing is that I did not do anything important.
Nothing at all !!!!!!

Today I worked in the garden about two hours.
Which is why my feet are so dirty. The rest of me was not much better either. LOL
I registered the warranty on mom's new treadmill on line for her.

I even took a nap after lunch. Then I thought I should do something.
I should piece my guild blocks and get caught up. I am two behind now.
 I could piece the last two boots for the Little Guy's quilt.
What I did was some mending..
 Oh I know that is a hateful word MENDING...but that is what I did.

I shortened two skirts, one pair of slacks,and two pair of carpi's. Found some buttons for my favorite old sleeveless shirt. They keep popping off and I keep stitching them back on.
 Hummm !!! I wonder if that should tell me something!
Any way I was missing three buttons this time.
Now I am setting with my feet up thinking....
Thinking I should go set outside until time to start dinner. It is such a nice day.

Till next time !!!!!

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