Lots of stuff going on around here the last couple of days.

Friday husband and I went to MQS ( Machine Quilters Show ) The quilts were beautiful as usual
We spent s few hours gazing at all the splendor. They have some nice vendors but I spend very little time with them. Husband likes that part.LOL  I got to visit with some quilting friends which is always fun and I made a new friend or two.

We left the show and went to the Casino for lunch at Arther Bryant's..Yummy !!
We had barely left the Casino when we got stuck in a traffic jam.. KC traffic is not fun,
It took us a hour to go three miles. They had the road closed for some reason..
we could not see a accident but thought there probably was one. 
Then just before we had to exit off for the detour they opened the road. That was a good thing because the detour would not have taken us where we wanted to go easily. I am sure husband would have found a way but we were sure happy when they opened the road and did not have to.

We made it to the cemetery there put flowers out.
 Washington cemetery is  in inner city and the traffic is so bad we hate going
but it is done.

We made it home tired but safe and sound.

The quilt show was great...Lunch was great.. and the traffic...
Well not so great but we escaped unscratched.

Yesterday ( Friday ) daughter and husband came in for the day, which is always fun. We fixed lunch for mother in law and spent time with her. I think she enjoyed it. She is still not doing very well but I think she enjoyed lunch and a visit with the kids.
We spent a couple hours with my folks then met son and his family for dinner..
I think every one enjoyed the time, I wished it could have been longer.

Today I am a little tired so I am taking it kind of easy this morning. Just kind of catching up on a few things before I go to the day job. I sure hope that today will be a quite day. LOL

Till next time !!

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