I am still here..LOL even tho I have been absent a lot from blog land.
We have 5 days left until the fundraiser... So as you can imagine lots of loose ends
 to take care of. I am ready to end this up. LOL

On the quilting side of things. I have only done a little quilting.
mostly I have been practicing. I need lots of practicing.
I have a couple of special pieces coming up soon and I must be practiced up.

Some how I got the tension messed up on my machine!
Really messed up.
I have spent about two hours setting it right again...So far.

I think I just about have it back where I like it. I think. LOL
I ended up starting over from zero tension and slowly adjusting it back,
 both with the bobbin and the top threads. One at a time of course.

I finished a quilt, turned off the machine.
Went back a couple of days later and WOW...talk about bad stitching. 
I guess the quilt gremlins came while I was away and turned all the knobs and pushed all the buttons.
Any way with just a bit more tweaking I should have it perfect.
I will just have to practice until my thread order arrives.
Then on to the next project.. a secret project.
So there won't be any photos or a lot of posting going on.

Till Next time ...

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