Well it got HOT today! Supposed to be hotter tomorrow.
Today I mostly ran errands and a bit of house keeping.
 Where does all the dirt come from?
We are neat people..really we are.. and it is just the two of us.
Oh will it must be done. LOL

I did play in the studio a bit, until the temperature got to be 81% in there but,
 that was not until around 4 pm. That is good I think.
The studio is staying about 12 to 15 degrees cooler than outside with out the air on.
I am happy with that.!

I think I am going to try to set a goal as to how much time
 I really have to spend in the studio each week.
I am going to look at the day job schedule and factor in some personal time.
I know I have personal appointments and family things coming up.
I am wanting to set a goal of time to spend in the studio.
A realistic goal.
I would like 20 hours a week but I already know that
some weeks it will be more like 8 or 10 hours, some not even that.
My idea is to try to relieve some of the stress of trying to do every thing all the time.
I am thinking that by blocking out time slots for different tasks.
The day job, personal and family time and some studio time each week.
I am thinking this will be more productive time.
A focus on one thing at a time kind of idea.

Now to see how it works for me. LOL

Till next time..!

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