Well it got even hotter today.!
The temperature outside was around 103
 but it was only 84 in my studio with out the air on.
It doesn't really heat up until the afternoon.
I can live with that. !

I picked a mess of green beans this morning, did some organizing.
Looked for some fabric a friend asked about.
 I know I had some but danged if I can find it now.

I did finish piecing this top.!!

All I had left to piece was two boots and put on that last row then the borders.
Well for some reason I had problems getting both boots to face the way I wanted. LOL
I know that all I had to do was to reverse one but for some reason I  made two left boots.
As you can see I did  get that right boot pieced. I just had to make a new heel piece, no big deal.
The outer border fabric is directional so I needed to make sure I had those horses headed the right direction. I couldn't have a upside down horse now could I ?
I doubt that the Little Guy...Soon to be the Big Brother would notice or even care, but I would know.
Now I just have to get the back pieced and get it quilted.

Till Next Time..

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Jean said...

This is adorable! Your little cowboy will love it!