Do you remember this old chair?  It used to be a ugly dirty mustard color. I recovered the fabric and I love it.  It is a deep red color, much better than the previous color.

When I brought this home my family thought I was nuts but, look it is classic. Clean lines and easy to redo. I decided not to paint the arms this time but I had intended to paint them black and use a nice up to date print on it. Then I was rummaging in some stuff and found this red fabric and decided to use it for now. I love the deep red color. I had it done in no time at all.

Earlier I made a time goal to spend in the studio. I am happy to say I am meeting that goal with ease.

Today I marked two small tops for custom quilting. No photos for now one of the quilts is top secret I will take photos of the other one after quilting. Which might be a while.

Till next time....

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Jean said...

The chair looks great! It's fun to do a different type of project, isn't it?