Pieced and ready for backing and quilting.
Simple, fast and cute. At least I think so.

I took a few days off the day job. I just needed some time off to get some other things done.
We did some things for Mother in law, she is still not doing well. She is some better but
I fear that she is having more not so great days than good days.

I have spent some time with our kids. Our daughter turned 30  WOW time flies.
It is hard to believe , We can't really be that old?

We took a day trip to Bennett Springs. I will post some photos of that in another post, later.
We have done some much needed things around home as well.
We are picking green beans. I have not canned any yet. I have been sharing them instead.
We picked our first tomatoes of the season on the 4TH.
We are not getting more zucchini than we can eat so far, which kind of
surprises me but they are good.

I still have a few things to do before bed...so I am off and running.
OK so it is more like a fast walk these days.  LOL

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