Day three... Today was kind of a bust. I got up canned a few tomatoes and made it to the studio around 8:30 or 9 AM. I quilted up this cute little quilt...isn't it so cute...Thanks Rebbecca, some little guy is going to love st snuggle in this. I loaded the next quilt and got the next couple of tops ready. Quilted one pass on the quilt... and something was wrong...very wrong. I spent the rest of the day ripping out. Why is it that something that takes a few minuets to stitch takes three hours to unstitch. SIGH!!!
My bobbin had wound funny and I did not notice until after I used it. SIGH  ...... I think the problem is fixed now...I hope. LOL I had the same problem a few weeks ago...I thought I had it fixed that time to. This time husband worked on it SO I hope it is fixed.

We took mom and dad out to dinner.. dad has a birthday on Monday....He will be 81.. That can't be possible...but it is.

My goal was to get 6 or 7 small quilts quilted...I will not get 7. I might get 6 done IF things go well tomorrow. We did get the last light hung, and the display rods up, and the last quilt rack hung, bindings made for 2 quilts. Not to bad for 3 days I guess.

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Jean said...

Ugh, unsewing is not fun. what was wrong?