Day 2 of the quiltathon.
 I have three quilted so far. The first one I posted about yesterday took more time to finish than I thought it would. Don't you just love the Paper doll quilt? I do.

This green eyed cat quilt was fun to quilt... I kind of felt like the  cats were staring at me the entire time.LOL  This is the only photo I took of it. Humm!!! I will have to get better at that.

Thank you Charlotte Your quilts are wonderful and such fun to work on.

I have the next one loaded on the machine ready to the morning...
With three down and two days left I am still hoping to get at least 3 or 4 more quilted.
Husband will be home..for the week end and I have bindings to make to. If I can get three quilted I will be doing good.!!

Today when I went up to open the studio my Dad was setting on his porch..It was such a nice morning..the entire day was nice. Any way I went over and visited with him until Mom got ready to make his breakfast..I made plans to have lunch with them today.

After lunch Dad came over to the studio and helped me hang the rods to display quilts on..and to use for taking photos then, we added a extra brace to a shelf that needed more support.

Dad went home to take a nap and I did some organizing. I know I should have went back to quilting but in my defence..I am still looking for a couple of things I seem to have lost during the move to this studio.  I think I should just give up and replace the stuff. !!! I know that as soon as I do I will find it. Isn't it always like that? 

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Jean said...

Cute quilts! I have the paper doll fabric, haven't made anything with it yet. I have the clothes too.