Last Fall just before Thanksgiving my cousin bought a new table and chairs for her kitchen.
She was giving the old table ( no chairs) away and wondered if we knew of any one that could use it.

I did not really need a table.. I had one.. LOL but ! I have wanted a round table in this kitchen for a long time.  So my parents and I went and retrived the table.

My dad re finished the top.. and it is now in my kitchen.. I love it and It fits perfectly in my space.

And the details....the details are just wonderful...  I know I should have cleaned it up a bit before showing you ...but I just could not wait. LOL

Some of you may remember that I like to selvage things...
I have a kind of shabby chic style..So I really love this table.

I spent $15.00 on the finish and dad spent a lot of
 time and elbow grease. On the finish.

I took my square table to my studio... it fits perfectly there.  

The square table was once in my mother in laws kitchen.... No one really remembers it ever not being a part of her kitchen. I received that table when she sold that house and down sized.
 All the kids and grand kids growing up ate their meals at that small table...

The square table is still very much loved... it has a new purpose as a  staging table for projects,  as a shipping area...and a place for me to have my lunch in my studio.

Diane... I hope you love your new dinning set because I really love your old table.....

I think of you every time I set down to a meal...

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