Look at what my Mother in law gave me.....  She bought it at a antique store because she wanted it, so I know she was not the first owner but It looks like new. Like it has never been used. The can of oil on the right... has never been opened and the price on it is thirty cents. Those attachments came with it and the book. I have not used it yet but I will. I know it works beautifully. The little top ..Well I don't know anything about it, It is hand pieced and when I asked Mother in law about it she did not remember one being in the case with the machine. So I don't know if it is hers or if it came with the machine when she bought it. It is a lovely little thing tho. I will have to take it back for Mother in law to look at. She will probably know where it came from when she sees it.

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Jean said...

You are so lucky to have a featherweight! I wish I could happen upon one sometime!