The Ozark Piecmakers quilt show was this last week. I got to spend all day yesterday at the show..
The quilts were gorgeous as usual
I really like the way they run this show... It feels organised to me. LOL
I like that.  A lot !
I got to quilt in the Gammill booth for a while..
Our Gammill dealer brings a small demo machine and
various people volunteer to quilt small charity quilts for the Piecmakers with it.
I did not get a lot quilted myself, I am easily distracted.
I did have several people stop and demo the machine while I was quilting and a new machine owner stopped and was looking for some tips so we visited quite a bit. LOL
I hope I helped some and I think I made a new friend or two.. except for the husbands of the ladies that now want a machine of their own to play with. 
I took a turn setting at the table my longarm group had with our challenge pieces.
That is always fun..  So I had a fun filled day to be sure.
Our daughter and her husband were camping and
 it was on our way home so we got to stop by and see them after the quilt show was over...
 We had a nice dinner and set by the fire and just had a nice visit.
They live about two and a half hour drive from us so
 this was kind of like meeting in the middle for us. We got home kind of late for us.. 11:00PM
So today I had to clean out the truck, and put away my plunder from the show.
 Yes I did visit the vender's a bit..LOL 
We needed to check in on both sets of parents...My mother in law and both my parents are having some health issues at the moment...but all was well today.
Had to make a trip to the grocery store which is not fun but is very necessary.LOL
Spent the rest of the day moving brush. yes I did say moving brush.
We had a tree fall  in the pond and the boys had cut more down that needed cut .
So we still had brush to move and pile.
Hot dog roast will be later this fall I think!
Got to get every one healthy first.. right now husband is icing his shoulder and I
look like a cat got ahold of me..Kind of scratched myself up. LOL

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