It is October already. I can hardly believe it.
 Do you ever feel like you are so far behind that you are caught up?
 That is me right now.
I feel kind of like this butterfly flapping its wings as fast as it can trying
 desperately to get the last bit of nectar before winter.
 I feel like I am running as fast as I can to get everything I want done , DONE! 
I love Fall !! I think it is my favorite time. I try to soak in all in.
 My to do list is long I will never get it all accomplished but that is part of the challenge of it.
   I made a shorter list of things I wanted to accomplish
from 4pm last night until bedtime tomorrow. 
 1. clean the kitchen cabinets.
2. pickle some cauliflower.
 3 quilt 2 quilts.
4. get all the laundry done.
 5. actually make a grocery list and do the shopping. 
.6 finish cleaning out the closet.
7. measure for a new sign for the business.
 8 pull up the last of the garden ( tomatoes )
I have it all done except for pulling up the tomatoes and quilting the 2 quilts.
and I still have time left.
I have not decided what I want to do with the green tomatoes left on the vines.
 I don"t think I really want them but I hate to toss them.
The quilts I need to quilt are large so I may not get them both done but you never know.
 I am going to try. One is already loaded so that will help.
Last week my mom had 28 teeth removed, she is doing great but is not up to full form just yet.
She has done amazing well but I have to admit that she looks like...well hell. With all the bruising she kind of looks like she came out of a fight on the bad end. 
She had errands to do to so we went together today 
 I noticed that some people looked surprised when they noticed her face and a couple of people even asked..Did you fall?  She does look bad but I hope the worst is over.
We went to the Amish store. I go there to stock up on staples like flour, sugar, spices, pop corn, things like that. 
We think the pop corn there is much better than anything from the store.
Then on to the grocery store for the other things.
I came home and have spent the afternoon taking care of the produce for the next week.
I find it a time saver during the week if it is already cleaned and ready to use so I just do it as soon as I get home with it.  I have my kitchen all cleaned up again and I am ready to put a ham on for dinner.
Glazed Ham
Green Salad
Sweet Potato
Vegetable Spaghetti Squash
Now what to do with the rest of my day?
Quilt? or pull up the Tomatoes?
Why the photos of the butterfly? 
 I enjoyed watching it and trying to photograph it.

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