It has been a beautiful day. I love fall!!
This little frog was just hanging out in my flowers probably eating bugs or something.
I have been to busy to even load the photos on my camera from the quilt show last week.
So You are stuck looking at a frog that was already loaded on the computer.
Today I decided to just pull up all the tomatoes.
I searched the Internet for some interesting recipe for green tomatoes and found nothing I wanted to try.
So they are all in a pile waiting to be burnt.  My garden is over.
I had 12 plants and caned a total of  30  quarts of juice and whole tomatoes.
Plus stuffing ourselves with them all season. I am happy and a bit sad that it is over for the year.
I did get one of the two quilts quilted, the next quilt is loaded and ready.
I had made a to do list for the last two days, I was able to cross off all but quilting the second quilt.
I probably could have gotten that one done to but I decided to spend some time with my mom. She is doing better each day. She has lost four pounds this week from not being able to eat solid food.
She is able to eat soft foods but that is all until the stitches are all out.
I am making lists and marking things off as I get them done.
What do you do as winter speeds our way?
Till next time.

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Jean said...

I hate the end of the tomato season too, mine froze the other night. I was going to make some sweet relish out of the green ones that my sister makes, have forgotten the name, but didn't have time. .