What is on my machine?  Nothing !
I am going to go after lunch and load something but, it is a client quilt and is a Christmas gift so I won't post a photo yet. I am fairly sure they would not see the post but just to make sure...I would hate to ruin the Surprise for them. I can tell you it is really cute tho. LOL
The next several quilts will be for Christmas gifts so I will not be posting photos of them until after Christmas or until the clients tell me It is OK to post. 
It is deer season here so I have been really busy, this morning I finished processing and packaging the doe husband shot. Kitchen is tidied up.
I have the beds changed and ready for over flow of family that will be here this year.
My sister and her bunch will be coming in late tonight or more correctly in the wee hours of the morning from Tennessee. I had a little housekeeping to do before they get here.
I am not hosting Thanksgiving dinner but I do have some dishes to finish to contribute to the dinner.
I am off to see just what I can get done with the rest of my day.

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Tracy Joyner said...

Dang..and I didn't even get to visit your house!