Well I would love to show you what I am working on but
 Blogger says that I have exceeded my photo limit.
No warning nothing ..just will not allow me to load a photo.
Apparently I am supposed to be able to buy more space but so far I have not figured out just how to do that. I find it kind of odd that I need to purchase more space yet I am having to search for a way to PAY for that space!
I am not very happy at the moment.
OK so go on over to Judy's and see what every one else is working on.


Tracy Joyner said...

Whoa..you must be the ghost of christmas future...I use blogger too! I thought it was unlimited..don't know why I thought that but I did...sheez

TracyAnn from www.crochethappy.com
and http://asktracyann.crochethappy.com

Paula, the quilter said...

follow this link to: Blue Eyed Beauty Blog to read about how to fix this problem.

Blogger uses Picasa Web Albums. If you go into your web album and choose a photo. In the next screen, choose the "Actions" tab and choose "Edit in Creative Kit". On the left hand side you will see "Resize". Choose that and it drop down a small menu to put your new dimensions into. To keep the proportions only input one size (i.e. change the 1200 to 800 and the other dimension will auto fill with the correct dimension.) Click "Apply" and you are done.

I am slowly changing all my Picasa Web Albums to this size.