I made a few more of the hexies but I forgot to take a photo.
This box of stuff...it fell off a shelf..nearly killed me...It did.
The box had some steps used to climb up trees with...
heavy sharp steps for getting into tree stands with.
 I don't know why those steps were in my studio or how they got in
 this box of stuff, but they were there.
 Good thing I ducked just in time or I would have had a big knot on my head...
Might have even been knocked out...It truly was a near miss.
 I cleaned up the mess cleaned out the box and put this stuff in a better place.
The steps got put back with the other hunting stuff.
While I was at it I decided to do a bit more cleaning.
My scrap basket.!
I cleaned and sorted it all.
The bigger pieces went back onto the fabric shelf.
Organising the fabric shelf in on my list for 2013
So I will deal with that later.
The strips and selvages went into their boxes.
It looks like I have enough strips to make something with, the box is full and
jammed in to get the lid on.
Maybe a new project for 2013?
This is what I ended with.
One empty basket, one small pile left to cut into three inch squares.
I did add one small box of scraps that are to small to cut three inch squares from but, might still be good for applique pieces or some other fun project.
That is it for me this week...Well that is all I can share. : ) 
Stop by Judy's to see what the others have been doing.

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Tracy Joyner said...

I like stopping by to see what you've been doing in your studio each week.

Did you see the Sea Penny challenge I'm working this year? Such a very cool idea! Wish I had thought of it. LOL When I saw your small pieces w/the quarter, it made me think of the Sea Pennies.