I thought I would share a little bit of why I have decided not to take client quilts from Thanksgiving until the first of the year. After this year.
Why? Well because something always goes wrong or something unexpected comes up. No matter how carefuly I plan something always happens and I end up rushing to get that last quilt done in time.
This year I scheduled a very lean quilting schedule because I knew I had a lot of
 family stuff going on. Then a client called and said can you still quilt this for Christmas?
I had some open time so I said Of course I can.
Then stuff started going wrong... imigine that. Right?
Ok so the week of Thanksgiving my sister and her family were here from Tennessee
I got bit by something..probably a spider of some sort..I am really not sure what bit me but I had a place on my upper thigh about the size of my hand.. it really wasn't fun.
After two weeks is is almost back to normal.
We also had two weddings that week, but I went to one wedding and husband went to the other.. They were the same day!! Amlost the same time. Different towns.
I get through all that and think OK I just have one last Christmas quilt to do..but I am back at the day job so that cuts into my quilting time some..but I still have plenty of time because I planned for it.
Then I get up before 5AM this morning with vertigo...!! Which puts me out of commission for most of the day. I am thinking what the heck is this? OK so what the heck was not exactly what I was thinking but it is close!!!
I have only had vertigo three times in my life and it is not fun.. The last two times I went to the doctor and all they did was give me motion sickness pills and tell me not to drive. I remember thinking really... I could not even dress myself...why would I even try to drive..riding was bad enough.
Now my husband had a vertigo spell some time after my last one..He went to a different doctor and was given some placement exercises to do and motion sickness pills.
My spells have been several years apart and I did not even mess with the doctor this time. I just did the exercises and took motion sickness pills..
I am feeling better now.
I still have one quilt to get done this week... with this day gone It will be close, but I will make it.
Something always happens and I find myself rushing about during this time of year.

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