I have nothing new to show..I am sorry!
Just no time for personal stitching right now.
I am in the process of closing a web site and moving some of that info
 here to the blog..more about that later.
I did dig out a few old Christmas things that I no longer use and put them on the studio porch.
OK so I opened a box pulled out a small really... small tree and fluffed it. !!
I am still considering it decorating.  It counts.
I have also decided that this is the last year that I will work on client quilt from Thanksgiving.
Next year I will not work on client quilts after Thanksgiving through January 1st.
I know I say that every year but this time I mean it. LOL I do!!!!
I love my clients and it is very hard for me to say NO .. to them but..
More about that at a later date as well.
Now I must get back to quilting.
Stop by Judy's and see what others are doing this week.

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Lori said...

yes---reserve that time for yourself!