I live very close to Schell Osage Wildlife Reserve 
I have a Schell City address but I really do not live in Schell City.
 I really live a few miles away out in the country.

There really is not a lot left of the small town. I believe it was once a railroad town 
and when the railroad moved on the town just more of less died.

As a kid I remember a hardware store, a small gro. store, a bank and a museum.
 The town still has a post office and a cafe or two and a bank but not a lot else.

I drive though the reserve once in a while.
My last trip through
I took some photos of Atkinson lake.
We are something like 14 inches behind in rainfall  so the lake is really low.
I am not sure I ever remember it being this low before.

In this photo I am standing at the edge of the road.
I can remember when the water would lap over onto the road.
It has not done that in a long time! and it looks like it might be a long time before it will again.

If you look closely in the distance is the road I was standing on in the earlier photo.
Lots of dry land.

It is sad to see the lake so low.
 As a kid I spent quite a bit of time on the reserve.

I was hoping to see some Eagles that day but all I saw was one field of snow geese.

I sat and listened to them chatter for a bit before I moved on. 

Just another area that should have more water in it.

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Jean said...

It's nice that you have this reserve so close to home, but sad that it is so low. It is so odd that a year and a half ago we were flooding and this year we are low as well. Not much snow so far this winter either.