The ingredient was creamed corn.
My husband and I neither one eat a lot of corn and 
I can't remember when the last time we had creamed corn fixed any way.
So I decided to give it a try. 
I searched for corn chowder because I thought it sounded good.
It is OK I might make it again but, I would make a few changes.
 Like add potato for a start.and maybe some celery and a carrot.

Here is the recipe I used.

I choose it because it was quick and I had every thing I needed to make it for my lunch.

Go on over to Judy's to see what every one else cooked up.


Michelle said...

Looks yummy!

Tracy Joyner said...

Not a huge fan either..but if you add corn to anything in my house it will be devoured. My "boys" eat corn in ramen noodles and tuna salad w/corn..mike thinks he can't eat mashed potatoes without corn to mix in it. eh

Jean said...

I love corn, but haven't been eating much as I am watching carbs. How did you like it?