The quilt guild I belong to donates little things to New Born's In Need.
One of the things I wanted to do this year was to make some  preemie hats for the cause.
I do not knot or crochet so the first thing I had to do if learn how to make them.
I went over to Crochet Happy 

I found a beginner pattern and a instructional video and got busy.
The first problem I had was that I cant find the correct size of hook here. 
I know that sounds crazy but I tried three places and they either did not carry them 
or they were sold out. So I just made do with what I had.
After about 5 tries ( practice pieces ) I finely got the hang of it. 
Sort of !  I got something that sort of looks like a hat any way.
There are probably errors in it but like I said I don't crochet. 

To me it looks way to tall but I made it to the measurements in the pattern.
In fact it is a half inch larger around than the pattern said but
 I am using the wrong size hook so I figured it was OK.
I am going to continue to look for the correct size hook and try again.

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