Choosing fabrics for a new project.

I have a project in mind for this fabric and the fabric looked directional to me.
So I put it on the wall and took a photo to look at.
Sometimes I see things in a photo that I do not notice in person.

I  like the first photo better. So I marked that as the top.

Then I start tossing fabrics out that might work for my project.
I do take a photo. 
I can see right away that some of these fabrics will not work at all
Some might work.

This is where the light went out.. I was left standing there in the dark.
At first I thought the electric had gone out, then I thought it was a bulb.
After trying to replace the bulb and messing with it for far to long It was decided that it is the light itself.
I will have to have the fixture replaced.
What to do? Well I just moved into a another room.

OK so I think these fabrics will work to start with.
I take a photo.

After looking at the photos on the computer. I am not sure.
What I will do is cut and lay out some pieces and photograph again.
If I think it looks OK then I will start the stitching.
I know I do not have everything I need for this project in my stash.
So I will be keeping a eye out for just  the right fabrics.
For me the photos is like using a tool.
When I am finished I simply delete them.

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