Today sure started off different from yesterday.
Yesterday it was 63% and today it was 32%
Crazy weather !!!
Thunder storms and tornado watch one day and snow the next.

This morning I sorted and rearranged the freezers.
I had been intending to do that for a while.
Now it is done!
I walked up to the Studio to turn on the heat.
Had to have heat today.
It was 32 outside and 54 inside the studio.
So I did not have to wait long for it be be warm enough.
I love that !
A quick visit with Mom and the studio was warm and waiting.

I quilted on a client quilt for a while then treated myself to a hour of piecing.
It has been a while since I pieced much of anything.
I just set some blocks together that have been hanging about for far to long.
But I felt like I got something accomplished. 

This morning when I was working on the freezer I found a TV dinner of sorts.
I am not sure why I had it because I never buy them.
Well I guess I can't say never because I had one.
Any way. I really did not have much for my lunch today and I did not want to cook anything.
So I took the TV dinner thing to the studio with me. 
I am not going to mention the brand name but really do people really eat this stuff?
I guess they do because they sell them in the stores. 
I know that some frozen dinners are better than others but the one I had was a joke.
and the joke was on me. 
There was a little label on the front of the package that said

Taste Beyond  Words.

They got that part right..there were no  nice words to describe it. LOL 

I gave it to Pop's my outside dog that will eat ..Well  almost anything.
He just smelled it and looked at me as if to say ..are you kidding! 
You expect me to eat this.!!

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Jean said...

I see people heating up those things for lunches at work. Most of them don't look very appetizing. I just take leftovers. Much better!