So this morning I met with my sew group .
No sewing today but we had a business meeting of sorts.
We work on the community quilts for our guild.
Any way we had some planing to do.
We meet in a local quilt shop 
and after the meeting we all went to lunch 
and back to the shop LOL 

I headed to the studio to get some quilting done,
but as I was getting stuff from my car a older neighbor
who moved here from the city and has not been here long.
Came wheeling in with his car...jumped out saying...
My fire is out of control we have 911  here.?
No.. so we called the volunteer fire department
and I went to help him until they got there.

It only took about 20 minuets for the water truck to arrive
but by then we had it just about put out.
They sprayed it all down so it would not flair up again
 and we all went on our way.
Needless to say I did not get any quilting done.
I did manage to cut out three blocks for the community quilt project.
Then it was time to go home and fix dinner.

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