The ingredient this week was Peanut butter.
I love peanut butter and use it often.
Heck sometimes I just eat it right out of the jar.
I have a recipe for peanut butter cake that is wonderful 
Honestly there is very little cooking going on around here right now.

So all I managed to do with peanut butter was to mix it 
with some butter and honey and slather it on toast.
I took a photo..not that any one really wants to see a photo of that,
but my computer ate it. 
OK so I lost it some place in the computer and
 I don't want to look for it any longer.
I was cleaning up some files and I don't exactly know what I did
but I sent all the files to the trash..
So I had to dig them all out...There were a lot of files!  

It took us three hours to find the file with the photos of the grand kids.
I am certainly not looking for a photo of peanut butter toast.
Even if it was really good toast. LOL 

Go on over to Judy's to see what the others are cooking up
. I bet it is something good.

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