Well I have been absent. I am sure you have noticed.Or not!

Any way.. I simply have not had time to turn on the computer.
Husband and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary.
My mother in law is in the hospital, she is much better and will be released soon.
but we did spend some time there with her.
Husband hit a calf with the truck...
calf has a broken leg but the truck is fine.
A wonderful neighbor helped us track down the owner of the calf and all is well.
Husband almost hit a deer the same night right after the calf.
No my husband is a good driver...really!! 
It is just that these silly animals were in the road where they should not have been.
Yes we see deer in the road all the time but a black calf  in the road at night is not normal.
and in the middle of a hill.. silly calf.
I can tell you that husband sure was glad to get home in one piece that day.

And I picked this time to get sick... Yea perfect timing !!
Not flu sick. 
I have asthma and I am very sensitive to mold a mildew.
Remember my post about the fire..well I breathed in some of that smoke 
from the decaying leaves. Not good.
but I am much better now.
I did cancel some meetings and other things because I could tell I was scaring people.
I know they thought I had the flu. 
I am sure I was not a pretty site..
no voice and kind of gasping for air once in a while... 
Not  attractive even tho I did not feel so bad.
I took some time off and slept almost one whole day.
I guess I was tired. LOL 
Any way I am so far behind that I may never get caught up again.
No one is allowed to see my house, studio, or my car right now.

Humm!!! I wonder if it would be a good time to tell my husband that
I think I could use a house keeper?
Maybe not!
 I am thinking seriously of hiring some help a couple of times a month.
a year ago I would not have ever considered having some one help with my house cleaning.
Lately I have been asking myself... why not?
I could spend a little more time doing something I like to do.
I do not like to vacuum , or dust.
Something to think about.
Of course right now I would have to clean up a bit first.
I am sure I will get caught up and forget about it all again.
But I must say it is tempting.

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