After photos of the one room.

You can't see all the fabric in this photo 
but you can see how neat it is.
I need to add a shelf so the fabric stacks don't fall over.

But it does look nice and I can find what I am looking for.
I put the small pieces and fat quarters in 
clear totes, So far I am happy with it.

I moved my favorite piecing machine...
from the center of the room next to the fabric closet
to the wall next to the table.
I can use the table for pressing next to the machine 
or whatever i need to do close to the machine.
I have always liked a table to the left of my machine.

The only thing I am not so fond of it that my back is to the door
I will be facing the wall and I like to face the room.
 I can't have it all, I still think I will be happier with this set up.
I did hang a shawl over the top of the window
as a window dressing.
You can see in laying on the table.

This is a shot of the other side of the room
so you can see that I really did clean it all .LOL 
The book shelves and the top of that machine 
were covered with fabric.

I did clean out a bunch of fabric and things
I really do not want and will never use.

Two kitchen trash bags for the trash man
and one tote of fabric to strip and use some how.
The tote will need to be gone through again some time
because it has a fair amount of pieces to small to even cut a two inch square from. Some of the pieces are way to small to do much of anything with and need to be tossed. I was running out of time today and the trash bag was full.. So I will do that later.   I will.....I promise....LOL 

I also tidied up the other rooms...straightened up my loose patterns.
.got those all back in place. Well I think I got them all.
Moved out a old computer is all wore out and rickety.
It does not fit well with the lap top and I really don't
  need the old out it went.
All I have left to do is vacuum, and finish dusting.

Now that I have the studio all Spring Cleaned 
I guess the house is next..or should be.

Cleaning the studio is so much more fun that cleaning the house.

Why is that...???

All this finished today and we went to a friends birthday party for lunch.
and met the kids for dinner..The little guy slept the entire time
and big brother hammed it up for us.

It was a good day....


Ruth said...

Stopping by from patchwork Times. May I suggest that you put a mirror on the wall behind your beautiful blackhead machine so that you can see the doorway behind you?
And for those teeny scraps smaller than a two-inch square - have you heard about 'made fabric' or strip piecing?
There are quilters who would be very happy to take small pieces off your hands.
It's always more fun to 'pet fabric' than clean other parts of the house!

Jean Kritenbrink said...

It looks wonderful! I agree, cleaning the fabric area is much more fun than cleaning the house.

Tracy Joyner said...

LOL..I did the same thing in my craft room this past weekend. I've got the cedar wardrobe all organized with fabric and patterns and boxes of goodies. :)
A mirror would be great behind the black machine..I don't like working with my back to the door either. Are we paranoid? lol