I had to add a post..I was in a huge hurry when I posted earlier.

I have really enjoyed the Whats Cooking link up with Judy.
I have tried things I might not have tried and 
I look forward to cooking again.
Well OK I look forward to cooking again part of the time.
Cooking meals had become a chore for me.
Something I kind of dreaded.
It has become less of a chore. I actually have enjoyed
 looking for things to cook.

And today my husband came home from work..I was making dinner.
Biscuits and gravy.
I need help with my biscuits but that is another story.
Any way my husband thought we were having the leftover
 honey baked chicken that I made and posted about.

He does not like left over anything...and is not a huge fan of baked chicken.
So for him to say we should eat the leftover chicken is a big deal.  

So I believe that this recipe is a keeper.
 I will modify it to use less butter tho...

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Jean Kritenbrink said...

I don't enjoy cooking as much anymore. Maybe that's the answer for me...trying some new recipes.