This is what my piece looks like 
except it is all stitched down now. It is not stitched in this photo
but it is stitched and trimmed now.

I have set it aside for now to work on some other things.
and to give me some time to think about
 what I want to add next. I can't have a bare beach.
I am thinking... 
What would be on my beach at sunset? 
I don't know just yet, but something? 

In looking at this photo I am not sure that the color
 of the water is exactly correct for a sunset
but I don't care I am not going to change it.
 I love the sunset fabric and the water fabric so they both stay.

Stop on by Judy's and see how every one else is doing.


Nina Marie said...

ohhh so many possibilities - I really love where this piece is going. I would like to invite you to share it this Friday on my Off the Wall Friday on my blog! - we link up[ art quilters and found it super encouraging!

Jean said...

I love it. You could always do some threadwork when you are quilting it using red or purple thread, giving the water a darker, reddish cast.I'm not that good at knowing what it should look like, I would have to google until I found a sunset pic with water... :) you could have some weathered logs on the beach.....

Rhonda said...

Looking great!!! You've got to have a seashell or two on the beach and maybe a sand castle. Can't wait to see what you decide!!

Jill said...

This is so pretty! I agree with Rhonda to add a few scattered seashells.