This is what we got up to on March 24th.
8 inches of snow with a visibility  of
Well I am not sure but I could only see three telephone polls at a time.
So maybe something like 150 feet..

REALLY !!!!! 
I am ready for spring..


Yes we HAD to get out and NO I was not driving 
I was taking photos

I hate this the winter.

You can't really tell here but,
it is a bad spot for sure. A S curve to make it even more fun.
Once you top the hill you are going changing your mind.
You are going down, one way or another.
So when you top this hill you pray that there is no one 
stuck in the S because you can't see them and you can't stop.
It was a good day, no problems on the hill today.

I took this photo something like 9 hours later
From my kitchen window.
See how the snow has already melted.
It is amazing how fast the almost 8 inches of snow melted.
That is the good part about a March snow.
I usually does not last long.
We still have snow in the fields but the roads were clear quickly.

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