This is what my piece looks like right now
The boat is not stitched down yet I was using it for placement 
and I am auditioning possible beach fabric.
I have another piece that I liked but it is just a tad small
so I guess I wont use it.
I kind of like this fabric but I am not sure.
Now to decide ..Do the trees want leaves
or not.. and what goes on the beach?

Go on over to Judy's to see what every one else is working on.


Jill said...

The sky fabric is spectacular!

Rhonda said...

This is a wonderful fabric. Maybe audition a little leaves on the trees. Sometimes playing around with a piece lends some great ideas.
Take care!!

Anonymous said...

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Jean Kritenbrink said...

I like the beach fabric. Your tree placement looks great. I don't think you need leaves, but I guess it depends on what time of year it is on your beach!