This is what my garden looks like right now..
I know the rows are really crooked but I don't care.
Last year husband kept trying and trying to make the perfect straight row
It was frustrating...I told him that he was taking all the fun out of planting a garden
by trying so hard to have perfectly straight row's.
This time we just made rows and planted..
They are crooked...It kind of looks like a drunk person made these rows
but we were perfectly sober...I promise.!!! 
Our garden will not be featured in any magazine but, I am happy.
Less stress planting and I bet the veggies taste just as good. 



Jean said...

Looks fine to me! I love fresh peas. I remember going out to the garden and eating them right off the vine as a kid. Good eating!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the plants care one way or the other! Happy harvesting!