We have been very busy here in the woods..

A little help from dad.

 After clearing all the sticks ( throwing every thing into the water ) out of the way.
We caught a fish.!!!!

By the way....Throwing stuff into the water is so much fun....
The Splash is amazing..!!!!! You really must try it.
I highly recommend it, Take a small child with you for even more fun.

His first fish..caught in the same pond his daddy caught his first fish in.

We even drove the boat.... had lunch in the boat....
apparently grandma has pretty good hot dogs..at least that is what I heard.
We played cars and trucks...and played with bubbles!!!

We fished off the side of the boat..( with out the hook )  ; )  
but grandma did not get photos of that... to close quarters even with out the hook..  
He does a great job casting and only hooked grandpa once.. in the pant leg.

Yes we have been busy here in the woods....


Teresa in Music City said...

What a fun post!!! Makes me miss my grandkids so much!!! I'm going to visit with them next week - it has been way too long :*D

Anonymous said...

Such a cute site, Julianne. If I listed all my ufo's, I think it would make About 30 (maybe more) entrys on a list. maybe more..