I will probably not be on line a lot for a bit....
and I thought I would share with you why.

Yesterday I had the early shift at the day job..So
my day started before 3 am... I did the day job
stopped for dog food...got home around noon.

Got the 5 newly planted trees and one rose bush watered 
I think that 2 of the trees will die they were transplanted
and they are not looking very good..but we will see.

Then off to see what was going on at the parents..
Dad now has his follow up app. so that is a good thing..
This doctor is very busy and booked solid for weeks and months 
So he had to be worked in some how...LOL 
It is crazy! but I guess busy means he is also good.

Ok so off to the studio for about 2 hours..
yep  that is it, Sad I know.
but it is time to get the garden ready and planted.


This is what my garden looks like now.

Ready for planting!

We did plant cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce,and radishes last night.
The rest will have to wait a few days.
It is supposed to rain maybe tomorrow but it is ready when we are.

The spot of fluff next to the drive is dog fur..
You would think I would have a naked dog after all that brushing..
but NO he still had a ton of fur.

Just a closer shot.

After dinner and a load of laundry I made it to bed around 10:30 pm
A very long day!
Today I have a bit later shift at the day job so I got to sleep in a bit
I think till 5:30 am ..
 I already have the newly planted stuff watered and
finished mounding up the edges of the garden 
so that when it rains it will help keep it from washing out the rows
at least that is the thought process to It..we will see how it works out.

I had hoped to get into the studio early this morning
but I did not. I am running out of time for this morning.!

It is past time for some breakfast...a shower..

Hoping to have time to make a stop for some been seeds on the way.
Oh wait before I do that I have to take a look at my next month schedule
I almost forgot..and that would have been bad. LOL 
A lot will depend on what happens at dads follow up app.
He has decided to have the surgery so we will see what must be done
and the time frame.

Any way you can see why I  will not be here as often...
I will try to pop in once in a while 

Now I am off and running or I will be late..
No not really running...but I am off...
 I am going to have a nice breakfast and a third cup of tea
and enjoy the day just a bit before I have to face the rest of the world.

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