The kids have been down.. we have been busy.
Our son mowed grandpa's yard..( grandpa is doing fine )
Our son in law cleaned out the chimney so that is done.
We had a cook out...and 
they set my flower bed on fire...
daughter put it out with the bird bath. 
I had fresh mulch in that bed..LOL..


Never a dull moment around here...

Things are slowly returning to normal..
but that won't last long...LOL 

I am kind of taking some time to process everything
 that has happened lately, and I have had a lot to process...

I am getting back to my quilting....
The kids brought me plants for Mothers Day..
 Good thing to if they are going to set my flower bed on fire....
 they are mostly planted.

I hope every one is having a great day..

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Jean said...

Glad your dad is doing well. Happy MOther's Day!