Ok so I have been having a lot of stuff going on around here.
I have had some computer problems...not sure I have it all fixed
but I am here and I have not been able to access my blog for days..and days..
I was using Chrome and they did some sort of a up grade or something
and , husband had loaded something on the computer and Chrome did not like it at all
Some sort of add on that will not go away and does not play nicely with my programs.
  I am back with internet explorer for now...LOL
I could not even log into explorer for about 4 days...Crazy stuff.
I just hope explorer continues to play nice..
And then.....
My dad is having coronary bypass / graft surgery next week.
so I have been going with my parents to most of the doctor visits and such.
His doctors and the hospital where he will be having this done..
is a hour and a half away...and driving in traffic ...
Driving in traffic is not something my parents do often..
So you are wondering about the photo ?
Well I had decided to take the morning
and make some whole wheat bread.
I got it all mixed up, kneaded and a bit poofy.
Yes when making bread poofy is a word.
Here it is all poofed and ready to punch down and shape.
I did not take a photo of the shaped bread raising
I got to that step when the phone rang.
The hospital wanted to change dads test. to 3pm
that day..really!!!
OK so it is almost 11 am
we can do that..
but dad decided that we had to leave NOW
for a 3 pm test..
That is 4 hours  to go a hour and a half.
He wanted to stop for lunch..
There was no changing his mind
I plastic wrapped the bread and put it in the fridge
and off we went.
after all it is just bread...
We got there early of course even with stopping for lunch  
 over a hour early for his test but they took him in early
which was great..
just as dad was going in for the test
we got a phone call
My great nephew..
 mom and dad's third grand son had just
arrived into the world
And they were in the other hospital just a few blocks away.
So of course we went to welcome him into the family.
Owen Wade just about a hour and a half old.
Proud papa.. and great grandpa.
Things really do work out the way they are supposed to
If the hospital had not changed the test
and if dad had not insisted on leaving way early
 we would not have been close by
 and would not have gotten to welcome Owen into the family
In fact dad might not have gotten to see Owen until after his bypass surgery.
He would certainly have not been able to hold him then.
That would have been sad...
The bread...Well it was just fine
After I got home I took it out of the fridge and was  just fine
a few hours in the fridge did not hurt it at all.
I had a pan of rolls to but I took those to dad.. He likes rolls.
I wrapped some of the bread up and put it into the freezer for later use.
Till next time...If the computer plays nice ...LOL


Barb said...

You do have a lot going on....hope all goes well with your dad

CharlotteT said...

Hey, I have been worried about you guys. Glad that it's just the computer acting up. It sounds like fate that the baby was born at that time and you guys were already there. That is great! I will write more on email. Take care.