Well dad had his surgery and is now recovering  nicely
They did 6 bypass.. and we did not even know he had anything wrong.
I took my hexies to work on
and this is all I got done.
That is it..
I guess that after getting up at 3:30 am to get to the hospital on time
I was not to interested in these small hexies
I am blaming it on tired eyes...
Then they tore out the floor and replaced it just out side the
 ICU waiting room where we were.
I mean they sawed out the floor and replaced it all.... night.. long.
NO sleeping at all.. Only some cat napping during the day and not a lot of that.
Crazy... After that I did not even try to work on hexies..
Way to tired to see straight.
The night I came home...I slept 10 hours straight....
Dad is recovering .. and I am caught up on sleep...
Husband and I got the grass all cut today.. Ours and parents.
We both mowed for 2 and a half hours....and he had already been
mowing for a hour and a half when I got home and pitched in..
The mower I was using has a 54 inch cut
 and the one husband was using has a 50 inch cut.
That is a lot of grass...

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Jean said...

I'm glad your dad is doing so well. Your hexies are so cute.