Remember this piece?
I finely took some time and got the top completed.
I still have the quilting to do and I am afraid it may have to wait a bit.
but... I am happy to have this much done.
I had to have the top finished by July...
The show it is to hang in is not until fall
It is a challenge piece and won't be least I don't think it will be.

Any way I am having some fun with this piece...
It is small 26 X 29 but I am surprised at how long
 something like this takes to do.
The original plan was very different from what I actually did
Originally it was to be larger 40 X 40 or so
and it had a totally different design totally different
It was to have separated blocks...and a different border
and well totally different
but then I found the sky fabric...and I fell in love with it.
but it was only a fat quarter..So I tossed my plan
and just went with it...

I am linking up with Nina Marie Off The Wall Friday
Judy  Design Wall Monday

So run on over to see what others are working on there.. 


Jeanie said...

I really like how this turned out. I wasn't too sure when you started it, but all those added details makes it!!! Great job!

Tracy Joyner said...

Totally LOVE this piece Sis!
It turned out beautiful..I especially love that I got to listen as you talked about your for it and see its beginnings

Jean said...

It looks good. I have forgotten what the challenge was...or did you tell us?

MulticoloredPieces said...

Lovely use of fabric and your sky effect is breath-taking.
best, nadia

straythreads said...

wonderful choice of fabrics and love the little guys

ANudge said...

What a sweet little quilt. Love your fabric choices.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

A very nice piece. It is good to be flexible--and that sky fabric is gorgeous--worth changing your plan for.