Finely ...I get to cross something off the list.
Things here have been so crazy this last month 
I have been working on stuff..
I have..LOL I just can't show much of it.
This month and probably next month will be almost as crazy
So I am happy to get this off the list.
This quilt has been hanging about waiting for the binding
for probably three years...could be longer.! 
The next thing on my list
Client quilts..
I have four small quilts to get out so far this month.
 I know that does not sound like a lot 
but.. My life is kind of crazy right now ...
I have been playing telephone tag with a client
that had a quilt booked for July
but she finished early and wants to get it to me
So I can have it when I am ready to start it.
This fall is our guild quilt show...
My dad is having some health problems..
Will probably be having bypass surgery later this month...
So life is kind of crazy right now...
My ufo list will have to wait...
But hey...they have waited this long so... no big deal.

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