Beer can chicken on the BBQ
with a bit of cherry wood smoke
a nice green salad, corn on the cob
and baked beans with watermelon slices for desert
Perfect. !!
Some how the baked beans and watermelon
 did not get in the photo
but it way Yummy!!
I just season the chicken inside and out with
 onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper
paprika, and season salt.
Place a small potato or onion in the neck opening
to keep the steam in.
set the chicken on the beer can...
You can use a can of soda just as well
 a bit different flavor but still wonderful
I make the fire in the grill around the outside edges 
and when the fire is ready
 I place the chicken in the center of the grill
with no fire under the chicken.
Close the grill vents about half way and let it cook
probably about two hours
 but check the internal temperature  check to make sure.

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Jean said...

I have heard of this but haven't tried it.looks yummy