I was walking past the flower bed and noticed this tiny grass hopper
At least I think that is what it is.
I watched it for several minuets trying to get a photo
but the crafty little thing kept turning around putting its back to me.
I guess he is camera shy.
This was the best photo I could get.
I have not been quilting lately.
I am sure you have noticed.
Just to much going on with dads surgery and all
Today I loaded three baby panels to quilt up quick.
I like to check the tension and such after
 not using the machine for so long.
and these panels are perfect for it.
I stitched all three backs together and loaded
as if one long backing.
I will float the tops.
It should go nicely
A update on dad..
Dad's surgery was 4 weeks ago yesterday.
He had the staples removed from the leg yesterday
He was happy to have that over with.
Dad was having some spells. for lack of better words.
Dad would say...I feel funny and he could not describe it any further.
The doctor said it was from loosing 23 pounds of fluid in one week.
and said that every thing looks great.
Dad is walking about the house with a cane
and doing good.
He still can not lift 5 pounds or drive but
he is supposed to do more with his hands and arms
like.. dishes, and laundry.
OK so he can do anything that does
 not require lifting 5 pounds or driving.
That does mean the lawn mower is still off limits.
I told him that if I caught him mowing
I would have to take his keys...
He promptly told me that he would hot wire it.... LOL
Dad is feeling better.
He still has a ways to go and I am sure he will have
 some good days and some not so good days
but he is on his way to recovery.
and that is a good thing.

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Jean said...

Glad to hear he is doing so well and that you have a chance to do a little quilting. I did 2 small ones at once a few weeks ago, and it went well. I sewed the tops together with a strip in between as I didn't want anything to move! :)