I have done very little quilting or stitching of any kind
all year.. Practically nothing for two months.
With the day job and the major remodel there.
My dad spending three weeks in the hospital. 
Then my mother in law needing more and more care.
Mother in law could no longer live on her own and
moved in with her daughter in February.
We have been trying to give my sister in law a
small break in the care when ever we could.
Which was not often enough with my dad and all the work stuff.
Then with trying to keep dads grass cut to... about a 6 hour job...
Well I have been far to busy to do any stitching.
That makes me kind of sad but
all these other things are temporary and will end one day.
in fact dad is back to mowing again.
Mother in law is in the hospital again..
and may require more care than can be given at home
so they are looking into a care facility for her to move into
until she can return to her daughters home again.
Having said all that...
I started quilting this little piece.
It is to hang in a show in October and must be finished.
This kind of quilting is kind of tedious and I am a long way
from being finished but I like what I have so far
So far I only have small bits of time to work on it
but I will get there one stitch at a time.. !


Julianne said...

I made changes to site..testing.

Jean said...

It's tough when you can't do the things that help you relax and enjoy life but sometimes life just gets in the way! I'm glad you are quilting this little quilt and can't wait to see it finished! What show will it be in?