You may remember this bench? I am sure I posted about it.
It was once a futon and my dad got the idea to re make it.
Now it is a bench.. I painted it and it looks perfect on my studio porch.
We like to reuse.. repurpose or recycle when ever we can.
So this really is perfect.
The chair was a garage sale find that
 I think I gave $5.00 for a long time ago. 
After they were painted they look like they were a set
and belonged together.
I found some vintage drapery fabric while
 cleaning in my mother in laws garage.
The fabric was perfect for this piece so I
covered the cushions and made pillows with it. 
I even recycled the pillow stuffing from some old
couch pillows. Not something I would use on
 the couch in my living room but worked great for the porch here.

I even made a couple of pillows out of odd quilt blocks.
That did not match anything.
They look fine here and kind of dress it up a bit.
Made the area more inviting.
This is the first thing you see when entering the studio
and it needed a little dressing up.
Now what to do with the floor?
I thought I might paint it... but I don't know?
I thought about a indoor outdoor carpet.
but then I would have to vacuum it often.
I really do not want something else to clean.
I am not sure I really want to paint it either but
 it looks like that might be the best option
I think I will wait until spring to do anything with it now.
I have other things I want to do first
while I think about what color should be on the floor.
Then there was this door trim.
We had to install a new door when I took the studio over.
We re used the old trim..which had seen better days
but was still usable. I thought I would put a coat of
 paint on it and it would be fine.
It took me almost two years to get around to doing it tho.. LOL
I was going to do a bit more painting around the
windows on the porch until I realized that my paint does not match
the walls.. it is gray not white. Now it is OK for the trim
but not for around the windows.
Besides I think I like the window trim left natural weathered look.
At least that is what I am telling myself.
I have ideas for a lot of cosmetic changes for the studio
but first things first...and you see the porch first.
I think I want to paint some of the rooms inside.
I am thinking a kind of mint green in the bathrooms
with white trim. Maybe a creamy yellow in the room I piece in
with mint trim. Maybe a sandy color for the main room
with dark trim. I don't know.. I am just dreaming about it right now.
It would be a ton of work... I might start small with just one room
the tiny powder room just off the piecing room. maybe !!!

After all it only took me two years to get the
 bench, chair and door trim painted.

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CharlotteT said...

Got an idea about your floor. Paint a quilt pattern on it, kind of like they do the barn quilts, but easier???