Bucket lists..
Nina Marie was talking about creative bucket lists
and it got me to thinking.
My bucket list is more like a To Do List...
I have a ton of stuff I would like to do or get done.
None of which is what I think would make up a bucket list.
I would like to take a real vacation one day.
My vacation usually consists of going along with my husband on
one of his fishing trips..usually a tournament
which means that I cant actually go in the boat with them.
It means that I get up before dawn to take him and his fishing partner
to the boat ramp to dump them off...
I usually do this still wearing my P J ' S
I do not care what I look like at 3 am or who sees me.
Then I spend the day wandering about by myself
doing whatever I like.. Sometimes I find some great walking trails.
I explore as I like...which I enjoy.
So any way I think I would like to add a quilty vacation to my list.
I think maybe a bus trip with other quilters to maybe the Houston show.
For the most part I guess I really just want to do more of what I already do..
I want to enter my work in some shows..just for fun.
For the most part I enjoy what I do...
I will have to give a great deal of thought about this
 Creative Bucket List Idea.
Give even more thought as to why
I am not already doing more of these things that I so love to do.

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CharlotteT said...

Julianne you know how we made a plan and got all my quilts fixed up last year? I wonder if we made a plan to meet at the Houston Quilt Festival next year if it could happen? Just a thought.